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Caldwell, Hooks, and Hughes Win RC Pro South R2

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Main Photo: Caldwell, Hooks, and Hughes Win RC Pro South R2

By Tyler Hooks

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Dillon Caldwell took the win in pro buggy, with Tyler Hooks taking truggy, and Quincy Hughes in pro ebuggy at the 2nd round of the RC Pro South Series at Gulf Coast Raceway. Check out the rest of the results for all the classes as well as podium pictures.

Pro Buggy: 1st Dillon Caldwell, 2nd Tyler Hooks, 3rd Jake Dellinger, 4th Robbie Darby, 5th and TQ Brandon Rose

Pro Ebuggy: 1st Quincy Hughes, 2nd Micah Smith, 3rd Cameron Breaux, 4th and TQ Smiley Henn, 5th Robby Darby

Truggy: 1st Tyler Hooks, 2nd and TQ Brandon Rose, 3rd Dillon Caldwell, 4th Mike Battaile, 5th Frosty St. Clair

Open Buggy: 1st Scott Rister, 2nd and TQ Ralston Furstenberg, 3rd Tim Bort, 4th Ryan Mosely, 5th Jonathan Phelps

Open Ebuggy: 1st Scott Rister, 2nd Philo Hatch, 3rd and TQ Brian Germany, 4th Mark Santa Maria, 5th Danton Gentry

Open Etruggy: 1st and TQ Smiley Henn, 2nd Philo Hatch, 3rd Brent Jackson, 4th Brian Kerr, 5th Daniel Cervantes

4WDSC: 1st Micah Smith, 2nd and TQ Brent Jackson, 3rd Mark Santa Maria, 4th Shannon Swafford, 5th Tony Paulini

Sportsman Buggy: 1st and TQ Mason Hessler, 2nd TJ Ball, 3rd Harry Lewis, 4th Caleb Ybarra, 5th Brandon Moore

Sportsman Ebuggy: 1st and TQ Tim Massey, 2nd Chris Snuggs, 3rd Brian Reed, 4th Harry Lewis, 5th Karl Bratcher Sr.

40+ Buggy: 1st and TQ Mark Morrow, 2nd Mike Battaile, 3rd Eddie Garcia, 4th Scott Rister, 5th Walid Elagamy

40+ Ebuggy: 1st and TQ Mike Ault, 2nd Bryan Garrett, 3rd Mike Battaile, 4th Courtney Vaughan, 5th Mike Garrett

Future Champions: 1st and TQ Turner Vaughan, 2nd Evan Santa Maria, 3rd Drake Wilson, 4th Cam Nilly, 5th Will Ault

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