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Female Perspective: Kayty Roxberry

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Main Photo: Female Perspective: Kayty Roxberry

By Tyler Hooks

Female Perspective is a periodic interview segment where Tyler Hooks catches up with some of the quickest female names in the hobby. Tune in to find out about their careers, social lives and how they feel about the RC hobby.  


Kayty Roxberry was a staple for a bit at Nevada and California races but a recent move now sees here hitting some of the major east coast races like the Race Time Events competing in the open class for HB Racing and Proline. We caught up with her for a 'Female Perspective' article as she prepares for events like The Nitro Spring Fling and Silver State.


TH: You’re one of the older members of I guess what we could consider the next generation of racers, you have had good results, but it also seems like you take almost more pride in bringing other members of the community up. What makes that aspect so important to you?
KR: I believe members of the RC community should stay banded together as a whole. It’s important to offer help and guidance anywhere needed to all of our fellow racers, including and especially to those that are new. For most of us, this community is considered another family and family helps one another. My favorite part of attending races is getting to see friends I haven’t seen possibly in many months, seeing new faces and meeting new racers.


TH: Do you feel that you had the same opportunities in the beginning as male racers, how about now?
KR: To be honest, I haven’t had much trouble having the same opportunities as my fellow male racer friends. With what I’ve experienced leading up to where I am thus far, I haven’t encountered any setbacks from others affecting my RC career. I do, however, believe more eyes are on me as well as my racing for the fact that I AM a female racer.


TH: What has been your biggest accomplishment in racing?
KR: I would have to say my skill progression over the last six months as well as attending my first race out of state by myself; SIC in Alabama. Since moving from Vegas to Pennsylvania, I feel as if I’ve had more opportunities to attend races and broaden my skills in multiple classes besides just 1/8 nitro buggy, which is what I primarily ran out West.


TH: If you could change anything about your racing career what would it be?
KR: I started racing at the NitroPit back in 2007, I believe. Unfortunately, I had moved across country the following year, lost everything and stopped racing for about a decade until getting reacquainted with RC in 2016 and started again from the bottom. If it were up to me, I would have kept racing. :)

TH: Being a female, do you feel that your treatment within the industry was overall positive and respectful?
KR: As a whole, the industry and the community have been positive and respectful. I have experienced unnecessary behavior directed toward me from a few male racers, but they usually don’t say anything more after I beat them on the track. Occasionally, I get that male racer who tries to interfere in the pits and like to tell me what they think I’m doing wrong and how to tune my car, but they eventually find out I’m pretty decent at what I do. Lol.


TH: You have been a role model for quite a few female racers following in your footsteps, is that type of informal mentorship role something you enjoy?
KR: I do enjoy it, I have had the privilege of meeting some amazing female racers over the last couple months and I think I’m actually the one who gets more star struck than they do! Haha.


TH: What do you do for work and how do you manage the work/life/racing balance?
KR: I am currently in a management position at a retail store and will be attending college in the fall. The work/life/racing balance is a difficult thing. So many hurdles in life present themselves, sometimes, at the point which you despise them the most. But it’s at these moments in which if feels most rewarding when you get over those hurdles and accomplish your goals, big or small. It’s difficult to judge just where the line is between all three of these, but once you find it, balancing becomes a little easier.


TH: Any words of wisdom for the next generation of girls and boys finding a footing in the RC community?
KR: Go to these races and give your best, not just when up on the stands racing, but also in the pits helping your team and around the track helping other racers in need. I believe, RC racing is one of the greatest hobbies/careers to exist and also provides the greatest sportsmanship I’ve ever witnessed.


TH: Do you have any racing goals for the future, or do you just go with the flow?
KR: I always strive to be the best. Whether that’s as a racer, a teammate, or simply a good person. I’d like to be able to attend all major ‘The Dirt’ Racing and RaceTime Entertainment events in the same year as well as progress to the Pro level in the future. The biggest goal I currently have is to, one day, not only attend but to also race in a 1/8 Off-Road Worlds. These may just be toy cars to most, but for me personally, racing is my passion. It will be a part of my life until the day I can no longer hold up a radio, stand up-right on the drivers stand and see my car completing laps without the track blurring together.


TH: Anyone you would like to thank?
KR: I’d like to thank my current sponsors: HB Racing, Pro-Line Racing, Team Tekin Racing. I am extremely grateful for the opportunities provided and the trust in me that’s been given to represent them. I’d also like to thank my future sponsors, I may not be a part of your team yet, but I hope to have the opportunity to provide great results. Thank you as well to the entire RC community; racers, announcers, organizers, teams, my amazing boyfriend Jared, etc. The love and support from the vast majority is truly astonishing. Thank you to my family for all their support while at the track and watching from home when possible. Last but certainly not least, thank you Dad. I love you and I wouldn’t be where I am in rc without you and your help with anything and everything I needed along the way.



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About the Author

Tyler Hooks is a recent college graduate with a BBA in management and a Minor in Communications from St. Edwards University as well as a ROAR Stock National Champion and was apart of the IFMAR World Championship USA team in 2016. Tyler is currently an Editor as well as in the Advertising department at Live Race Media and frequently is apart of the broadcast team at major events.

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