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Figueiredo and Gomes Top Portuguese Open

Race Results



Press Release From Team Xray:

This race is basicly for the drivers to pratice for the 1st race of the national championship that is going to held in this same track in 2 weeks time.

The track as a recent layout (+/-1 year) with the dirt mix with glue. On Saturday the track had a very high grip, but due to some showers on Sunday morning, on racing day it had a low grip.

Saturday afternoon was for pratice and Sunday was divided in qualificantion in the morning and finals in the afternoon.

In electric I qualified in 2nd just missing on the TQ.

In the finals, starting with the number 2, I led all the laps, from the 2 first finals, from the beginning to end taking overall the win.

In nitro I qualified in 4th. Going directly to the semi-finals.

In the semi, starting with the number 2, had a god start going to first on the opening laps, but a mistake and send me back to 2nd were I would finish, getting the direct acess to the A-main.

In the main started with number 3 and right after the start I was 2nd, place that I kept untill 8 minutes to the end of the main. A bad marker incident made lost the 2nd place.

So 3rd place was the best result possible.

Ebuggy results:

  1. Pedro Gomes - XRAY XB8E
  2. Gonçalo Melo - TLR
  3. André Bento - XRAY XB8E

Nitro buggy results:

  1. João Figueiredo - Kyosho / Lelasi Tuned
  2. João Rodrigues - Sworkz / Maxima
  3. Pedro Gomes  - XRAY XB8 / FX
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