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Italian GT12 Series R3 Results

Race Results


Main Photo: Italian GT12 Series R3 Results

By Tyler Hooks

Race report from Joker Team:

The third round of the Italian GT12 Series 2019 was initially scheduled to take place on the outdoor track of QuellidelModellismoRC in Casalecchio di Reno, near Bologna, but with an awful weather forecast for the whole weekend, the organizers decided to move the event to nearby RC Landia, thus securing a regular progress of the race on the indoor ETS carpet track of the famous facility.
As controlled practice and qualification rounds unfolded during the morning, it was a tight battle at the top between Series' leaders Alessio Tolomelli (Team Schumacher) and Alessio Mota (Team Schumacher) with the latter emerging the fastest of the field and finally securing the TQ spot for the afternoon's finals ahead of Tolomelli and Alessandro Rampini (Treerremodellismo).
A-mains in the afternoon saw a dominant performance by Alessio Mota, who was able to bring the win home after imposing his pace in all three finals with great consistency and speed. With Tolomelli able to secure second place comfortably, the race for the lower step of the podium saw a fierce battle, with several position changes, between Alessandro Rampini and Luca Tassinari (QuellidelModellismoRC), with Alessandro coming out on top and securing third place.
The B-mains saw lively battles and Riccardo Arcolini (ASD Rivoli Racing) ultimately emerged as the winner ahead of Alberto Rossetti (Minicar Fontanellato) and Luca Bigi (RC Team RE).
Special mention has to be done for 6-years old Alberto Rossetti, who left viewers amazed by his ability to drive his car fast with very few mistakes and finally take the win in the 3rd leg of the B-Finals.
The Series will next move to Rivoli Veronese, near Verona (outdoor - asphalt) for Round 4 on June 2nd, 2019.
Round 3 Results (Top 5):
1. Alessio Mota (Team Schumacher) - Schumacher Atom CC
2. Alessio Tolomelli (Team Schumacher) - Schumacher Atom CC
3. Alessandro Rampini (Treerremodellismo) - Schumacher Atom CC
4. Luca Tassinari (Quellidelmodellismo RC) - Schumacher Atom CC
5. Alessandro Giubbilei (Jokerteam Bolzano) - Schumacher Atom CC
OVERALL STANDINGS (Top 10) after 3 of 6 rounds (best 5 scores count):
1. Alessio Mota (Team Schumacher) - 448 points
2. Alessio Tolomelli (Team Schumacher) - 447 points
3. Roberto Rampini (Treerremodellismo) - 436 points
4. Luca Tassinari (QuellidelModellismoRC) - 435 points
4. Alessandro Rampini (Treerremodellismo) - 435 points
6. Alessandro Giubbilei (Jokerteam Bolzano) - 428 points
7. Riccardo Arcolini (ASD Rivoli Racing) - 414 points
8. Andrea Sartori (ASD Rivoli Racing) - 410 points
9. Mattia Dall'Oca (Team Schumacher) - 298 points
10. Fabrizio Dall'Oca (Jokerteam Bolzano) - 285 points
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