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By Tyler Hooks

Well readers, it's over, and it was fantastic. This personally was my second time attending the Reedy Race and my first time participating. For me it was an action packed weekend of racing, inteviews, stress, and emotion.

Were going to skip open practice because no one really cares about what happens on the first day, the tires are fresh, the track is fresh, and it doesn't really tell you anything. For invite there is no seeding practice, but in open class the seeding is really important as there is no resort for the 4 rounds. Mason Eppley would take the top seed in 4wd with Mason Fuller taking the top seed in 2wd.

Round 1 Invite:

Round one of invite didn't give us much parity, Ryan Cavalieri, Spencer Rivkin, and Ty Tessmann took their first wins. Tessmann was already off to a better start after a rough 4wd run the previous year taking advantage of a front row start. Cavalieri would take advantage of a front row start as well with Spener having started on the second row. The big mover was Ryan Maifield coming from 10th in his heat to finish 2nd.

Round 2 Invite:

Round 2 would give us a little bit of the parity we were looking for. Joe Bornhorst would log his first win along with CJ Jelin and Ryan Maifield. Controversy would insue with contact between Jelin, Ronnefalk, and Tebo with Ronnefalk eventually giving away position to CJ. After 2 Maifield would take the early lead overall.

Round 3 Invite:

Dustin Evans would log his first win along with David Ronnefalk, Ryan Cavalieri would become our first 2 time winner. With Maifield having a throwout, Joe Bornhorst would take over the overall lead going into the final round of the day.

Round 4 Invite:

Jared Tebo and Cole Tollard would log their first wins in round 4. Ryan Maifield would also grab his 2nd win. Jared Tebo had not finished outside of the top 3 in 4 rounds but was finally able to get a win to end day one of competition for 4wd. Joe Bornhorst would hold onto the overall after day 1 also having the quickest lap of the round with a 19.201. The rest of the major players would have throwout runs in the first day.

Round 1 Open:

The top 3 in 2wd open R1 would finish within a second with Tommy Hinz taking the TQ from the B heat, Jake Mayo would finish 2nd with Mason Fuller in 3rd. In 4wd, Jake Mayo woulld take the TQ from Mason Eppley and Kyle Turner.

Round 2 Open:

The Xray show would continue in 2wd with Tommy Hinz again taking TQ and Jake Mayo finishing 2nd, Ron DeVoll would finish 3rd. In 4wd Tommy Hinz would double up with Austin Horne finishing 2nd and Jake Mayo finishing 3rd.

Round 5 Invite:

Round 5 would again see 2 first time winners with JP Richards and Michal Orlowski. Tessmann would take another win attempting to stay in the game. I talked to Michal about his event thus far as his car looked exceptional all day the previous day but only after the 2 minute mark. On the second day his car looked good from the start, he put it to better driving and intensity. This round was also the first that the Tekno boys of Tebo and Bornhorst would not finish in the top 3.

Round 6 Invite:

Cavalieri, Orlowski, and Rivkin would finish out 4wd with wins in round 6. Tires were now bald, 4wd's were thrown in the corner and it was time for 2wd. Tessmann, Rivkin, Tebo, and Evans would all leave 4wd tied for the win. Orlowski and Bornhorst would be tied for 2nd.

Round 7 Invite:

This being the first round of 2wd it was an excellent time to pick up points as everyone was kind of trying to figure out what was going on. Tires were still pretty new and the drivers hadn't driven 2wd for 2 days. Chris Sturdy would log his first win of the event to an excited crowd and a 3 person Aussie chant. Maifield and Tebo would also strike first in 2wd.

Round 8 Invite:

Ronnefalk would log his first 2wd win with the HB racing prototype. For those excited HB customers out there, after talking to designer Torrance Deguzman this is nothing like what the final product will look like, just keep that in mind. Tebo and Rivkin would also take wins giving Tebo the overall after day 2.

Round 3 Open:

Tommy Hinz would take the 2wd TQ to wrap up the overall with Ashe Deering finishing 2nd and Jake Mayo finishing 3rd. Jake Mayo would take a 2nd 4wd TQ with Austin Horne finishing 2nd and Tommy Hinz finishing 3rd.

Round 4 Open:

Jake Mayo would log his first 2wd TQ with Ron DeVoll 2nd and a crowd favorite Nick Miller in 3rd. In 4wd Tommy Hinz would log his 2nd TQ to take the overall in that class as well, Ron DeVoll would finish 2nd with Blake Champlin in 3rd.

Round 9 Invite:

Dustin Evans would open the final day with a win claiming he was "back in the game," with Sturdy taking his 2nd win and Rivkin grabbing the final win.

Round 10 Invite:

Broc Champlin would take his first win in round 10 with Jackson Brunson taking all the credit for slowing down his servo. Ryan Maifield and Jared Tebo would also log wins. Along with Spencer Rivkin the latter two would pull ahead as the front runners for the win.

Round 11 Invite:

Maifield and Tebo would again take wins in round 11 with Stees also grabbing his first win. This setup a daunting final round which after a lot of math made my brain hurt. Maifield had no chance of winning but if he won his heat had potential to finish 2nd. Spencer would have to win and have Jared finish 3rd or worse to take the overall.

Round 12 Invite:

Kohta Akimoto and Broc Champlin would take round 12 wins, Kohta being a popular win among the bystanders. Fittingly enough, all 3 of the leaders would be in the final heat of the event with Maifield on the front row, Tebo in the middle and Rivkin in the back. Maifield would take the win meaning nothing else in the heat really mattered. Tebo would take his first overall Reedy win with Maifield 2nd and Rivkin 3rd.

Open B Mains:

The B main events would set the full grid for the mains. 2 bumps would make the main making 10 car fields. Ashe Deering and Mason Eppley would round out the grid in 2wd with Mark Sousa and yours truly, Tyler Hooks, rounding out the 4wd main.

Open A Mains:

4wd A1: would wreak havoc on the front runners with Hinz coming to a halt on his final lap and 2nd qualifier Mayo losing a tire half way through the run. Ron DeVoll would take the win with Blake Champlin 2nd and Tommy Hinz 3rd. I would end up 4th with Mason Eppley 5th.

4wd A2: would be much less stressful for the front runners and more so for everyone else. Ron DeVoll would take the win again and the overall. Austin Horne would finish 2nd with Tommy Hinz 3rd. Jake Mayo would take 4th with Mason Eppley 5th.

Overall 4wd Top 10: 1st Ron DeVoll, 2nd Tommy Hinz, 3rd Austin Horne, 4th Blake Champlin, 5th Mason Eppley, 6th Tyler Hooks, 7th Jake Mayo, 8th Mark Sousa, 9th Kyle Turner, 10th Mason Fuller

2wd A1: Tommy Hinz would fight off a hard charging Mason Fuller to take the win with Mason 2nd. Ron DeVoll would finish 3rd with Jake Mayo 4th and Aaron Kothman 5th.

2wd A2: Ron DeVoll would take the win with Tommy Hinz 2nd and Jake Mayo 3rd. Mason Fuller would finish 4th with bump driver Ashe Deering finishing 5th. 

Overall 2wd Top 10: 1st Tommy Hinz, 2nd Ron DeVoll, 3rd Mason Fuller, 4th Jake Mayo, 5th Ashe Deering, 6th Aaron Kothman, 7th Kyle Layton, 8th Mason Eppley, 9th Austin Horne, 10th Nick Miller



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Tyler Hooks is a recent college graduate with a BBA in management and a Minor in Communications from St. Edwards University as well as a ROAR Stock National Champion and was apart of the IFMAR World Championship USA team in 2016. Tyler is currently an Editor as well as in the Advertising department at Live Race Media and frequently is apart of the broadcast team at major events.

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