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Livermore and Puffer Win at The GT Challenge

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Press Release From Team Xray:

Race report by Marc Livemore

The GT Challenge "A Von Perry Experience" was held May 1st and was hosted by Access Hobbies in Springfield, OH. This was the first annual GT Challenge and was created by Vondrell Perry and Will Sheffield. The GT Challenge primary focus was USGT, GT12 and World GTR offering racers a 1 day challenge and a challenge it was. FWD showed interest as well and was soon added as the 4th class.

With many sponsors offering support, and promoting the GT Challenge, the event quickly gained popularity recording 83 entries and racers attending from multiple states. With limited classes, even though 83 entries isn't small change, the crew at Access Hobbies showed they could easily make this a one day event without a single delay, the GT challenge was certainly a success. The question is: Will there be a 2nd Annual GT Challenge? I think many are looking forward to next year!

Practice was on Friday April 30th from 3:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. for racers including the XRAY Team to get dialed in, as the following day everyone knew practice would be limited and it was. The GT Challenge Was On!! With the start of the event on May 1st they kicked off individual

60 second seeding rounds so the USGT racers can solidify their spots starting 1st round qualifying.

USGT: XRAY Driver Marc Livermore with his T4'21 was able to start the pace 1st round qualifying with a TQ and later reset his TQ in the 2nd round with a near perfect run. A hard charging John Dickson was able to take the overall TQ by a tenth of a second in the 3rd round. The main event Marc was able to make a clean pass on lap 11 and finish the race for the GT Challenge win. John Dickson finishing 2nd and Michael Skeen finishing close behind for a solid 3rd spot on the podium.


1.            Marc Livermore - XRAY T4'21

2.            John Dickson

3.            Michael Skeen

GT12: XRAY Driver Mike Pulfer with his X12'21 was able to set 1st round TQ and further reset TQ in the 2nd round. For the 3rd round Pulfer was able to further expand his times and reset TQ for the final round of qualifying. The main was no different as Mike started on pole to demonstrate the speed of his X12'21 taking the GT Challenge tone to tone for the win! Eli Ezrow finishing 2nd and Braydon Bowling 3rd with his XRAY X12'21.


1.            Mike Pulfer - XRAY X12'21

2.            Eli Ezrow

3.            Braydon Bowling - XRAY X12'21

4.            Ryan Collins

5.            Curtis May - XRAY X12'21

There were plenty of sponsors and supporters that made this event possible to draw the attention it did:

Access Hobbies, Joe Ruggles, David Jones, Joe Drury, Michael "Minty"

Plummer, MOTIV, WRC Racing (Paul Brice), Buster Racing (Chace Schell), SJT Tires, JFT, CRC, TEAM EAM, PCC (Pro Collision Center), WFR (Will Jones), EN Hobbies, Rob Love, Will Sheffield, Mike Pulfer, Marc Livermore, Tommy Rogers, Robert Dirla, Michael Skeen, Myron Batman Kinnard, Peter Carris and Reggie Wade… All contributed prizes, awards, donations, time and commitment to make the GT Challenge a success!

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