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New Agama A319P and A319EP 1/8th Scale Kits

New Products



Press Release From Nemo Racing:

The AGAMA A319P is the next evolution of the Agama A319 Nitro Platform, the constant drive for development and performance has culminated in the A319 Performance! There is also a performance version of the A319E in the form of the A319EP.
The Performance edition of the A319 nitro buggy includes the following developments and upgrades:

New Drivetrain: 43/13 Diff and Pinion Gearing matched up with a 47T spur gear and 13T clutch bell. We have tested all variations of gearing and this has been a clear winner in all areas, the performance advantage was evident along with increased drivetrain efficiency and durability.

NEW Aluminium 17.5 Degree 7075 Caster Block: A 17.5 Degree Aluminium caster block is now included in the kit. The best steering balance, steering consistency and durability on all track conditions.

Centre Diff Engine Mount Chassis Stiffener:  This team favourite part is now included in the kit, a 7075 CNC engine mount and centre diff stiffener. With its machined design and centre chassis alignment it significantly increases clutch bell and spur life without compromising on lateral chassis flex.

LMR FT Bodyshell:The LMR Full Thrust Body shell with its striking design and enhanced aerodynamics made it an obvious choice body for the A319P.

BETA Wing: With market leading performance, popularity and durability the BETA Wing is included in the A319P.The Beta rear wing provides increased rear end consistency and makes the car easier to drive.

Domed Droop Screw: 9410 Droop Screws prolong the life of your chassis whilst offering easy and quick adjustment from the top of the screw.

Springs - Black/Yellow:A slightly softer stock spring has been chosen for the A319P, for more mechanical grip and ease of driving straight out of the box.

Machined Shock Pistons: 8 Hole 1.2MM Front Pistons and 8 Hole 1.3mm Rear Pistons have been selected for the A319P. Matched with the softer springs these pistons have been excelling in all conditions.

7075 Servo Mount:  This item has been chosen to stiffen the stock radio tray for reduced flex even in the most gruelling track and weather conditions.

Solid Steel Brake Disk:The solid steel machined brake disk gives the most consistent brake feel whilst benefitting from its wider contact area over the centre diff outdrive increasing the life and durability over the stock item.

Hard Graphite Diff Cases:HD graphite diff cases increase the time between rebuilds and offer an easy leak free experience, A team favourite.

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