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New Avid 8ight-X Lower Shock Screws

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Press Release From Avid:

Avid is proud to announce the release of the titanium lower shock screws for the TLR 8ight-X!

Product Overview
Our TLR 8ight X Titanium Lower Shock Screws are a must upgrade for your 8ight X/XE/XT/XTE/ELITE. This screw set offers 2 left and 2 right-handed threaded screws with a 5.5mm socket head so you only need to grab one wrench when taking your shocks off. As if that wasn't enough already, we also included the Avid innovated center-drilled hole for easy docking of your calipers while measuring your shock lengths.

-Two of these screws are left-hand threaded so you screw them in by turning your wrench counter-clockwise. If you place your car on your pit table in front of you and you have the front end facing you, you put the left-hand threaded screw in the left arm. If you spin the car around so the rear is facing you, put the left-hand threaded screw in the left arm. The reason for this is because the action of the arm going up and down places enough leverage the screw that it can unscrew your shock screw in those vital long mains.
-It is recommended to not use a left-hand threaded screw in an arm that you already threaded with a right hand threaded screw. The threads will not have much material to grab on.

-Machined from billet 6Al-4V Titanium, M3x20mm
-2 Left-hand, 2 Right-hand threaded screws per set. Left-hand thread screws are laser marked.
-Center-drilled to locate calipers for precise shock length and droop measurements.
-Use the same 5.5mm hex driver for shock tops and bottom mounts.
-Lose weight and add "bling" over the kit steel screws (2.8g for a set of 4).
-Fits TLR 8ight X Series vehicles (X/XE/XT/XTE/ELITE).
-Each package includes 4 lower shock mount screws (2 LH, 2 RH) and 1 AVID mini decal sheet.

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