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Press Release from Avid:

Our Team Associated RC8B3.2 Carbon Arm Inserts offer your buggy another great tuning feature by reducing the flex and twist in the arm. Our inserts are different than the others by starting with a 2mm carbon plate so the screws have full material to seat into (allowing for better plate pressure against the arm) and then pocketing out the rest of the carbon so the insert still remains light weight and provides the stiffness that we have all come accustomed to.

AV1828-F RC8B3.2 Carbon Arm Inserts | Pocketed | Front $18.00 now
AV1828-R RC8B3.2 Carbon Arm Inserts | Pocketed | Rear $22.00 now
AV1828-FUR RC8B3.2 Carbon Arm Inserts | Front Upper $12.00 now

RC8B3.2 Carbon Shock Towers

Our Team Associated RC8B3.2 5mm Carbon Shock Towers are made from 100% carbon fiber, glossy finish, 2.5d cutouts for a nice look, and lightly chamfered on the front side to help avoid splitting or chipping on hard wrecks.

AV1830-F RC8B3.2 Carbon Shock Tower | Front $30.00 now
AV1830-R RC8B3.2 Carbon Shock Tower | Rear $30.00 now
AV1830-SET RC8B3.2 Carbon Shock Tower | Set $55.00 now

RC8B3.2 Carbon Steering Block Arms +2

Our RC8B3.2 Carbon Fiber Steering Block Arms (+2°) are made from 100% carbon fiber, increases Ackermann! The +2° increased Ackermann allows the inside wheel to achieve more steering angle than the kit blocks. This reduces scrub and allows the vehicle to rotate better in the middle of the corner. This rotation comes at the price of less steering at the exit of the corner.

AV1829 RC8B3.2 Carbon Steering Block Arms +2 $14.00 now

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