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Press Release from Exotek:

Lightweight 'street eliminator' drag chassis conversion set for use with TLR 22 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 buggies (3.0 and 4.0 requires the 5.0 front nylon bulkhead TLR231081).

Converts your 22 buggy to be cash race ready for the hot new 'Street Eliminator / Slash No Prep' race classes springing up around the US.

Provides the legal 13" wheelbase to fit under the hottest new no prep bodies that are on the market (not for the wider short course based bodies, this is for the narrower drag bodies offered by Proline and J Concepts).

This pro chassis conversion set features;

- Carbon fiber made and machined in USA

- Heavy duty 2.5mm thick chassis, and side rail plates

- Alloy servo mounting block that ties into the side rails for extra rigid and tweak free front chassis setup

- 6 heavy duty alloy side rail posts

- Heavy duty alloy front kick up plate

- Alloy parts that are finished in glossy black and silver cut to match the stock 5.0 look

- 4 position shorty lipo mounting to adjust for wheelie/ no wheelie balance

- 2 level chassis design allows you to lower or raise the center of gravity for stability yet keeps the gear box higher to increase traction and keep the drive axles straighter for higher speeds

- The 2 layer rear chassis also raises the rear roll center which increases the forward launch traction while reducing side to side roll for improved high speed stability.

- Offers multiple weight balance options to maximize grip on the street or on the track

- Includes a 3mm carbon fiber front shock tower to run a lower ride height as well as allow the use of a street eliminator body mount kit (Traxxas #TRA1914R)

- Includes a carbon fiber rear body mount plate that bolts to the stock 22 wing mounts for use with the Traxxas #TRA1914R body post set.

- Includes steel hardware.

- Includes extra large Exotek logo stickers

- Includes instruction sheet

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