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New JConcepts Aluminum Stampede Fan Mount and Motor Mount

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Press Release From JConcepts:

RC vehicles require heavy cooling, especially in the era of high-speed motors, high-end battery packs and tall gearing applications. The JConcepts team has designed a new motor plate and fan mount set for the Slash 4x4 and Rustler 4x4. First, the motor plate is machined from billet aluminum, has added honeycomb machining and is a durable update option over standard parts. Black anodizing comes standard with silver chamfered high-lighted edging.

Attaching to the motor mount, the fan mount is just as important with billet aluminum construction with lightweight and lower open design, angular mounting geometry, black anodized with silver chamfered high-lighted edging. The included hardware pieces the item together and provides an incredible platform for included fan. The included 30x30x10 aluminum housed fan has a medium-length wire with industry standard JST plug that can plug into many receiver combinations. Depending on the location of the receiver, a JST extension wire might need to be used (not included).

The high glamour motor and fan mount, machined in 6061 aluminum assists in the dissipation of heat from the motor and is a steady force to hold-up to bashing and driving punishment. The fan is added security to users running for longer periods of time who require cooler running temperatures through the motor. As always, cleanliness, care, and maintenance go a long way with mechanical and electrical devices. Keep items free of debris, wetness, and inspect wiring during each day of driving to ensure the fan is running and in working order.

When it comes durability, the cool factor, and tread setting appearance, JConcepts is, World Proven Innovation and Design.

Note: replacement 30x30x10mm fans are available from JConcepts (part #2333-2).


  • Durable, billet aluminum construction
  • Black anodizing with silver chamfer highlighted edging
  • Honeycomb machining, lightweight
  • Fan mount with lower open design
  • Aluminum housed 30x30x10mm fan with JST plug
  • Hardware included for assembly

Revo®, JATO™, T-MAXX™, SLASH®, SLASH 4X4®, Rustler®, Stampede® etc. are trademarks and registered trademarks of Traxxas L.P.

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