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New JConcepts Dirt Bite 1/8th Truck Tire

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Press Release From JConcepts:

The Dirt Bite concept involves the pins of the tire being positioned in a radius giving new alignment to racing surfaces. No matter how you view the new tire, the arrangement flows at a curvature making the Dirt Bite unique to all other tires on the market. The Square pin, with tapered sizing has a crisp feel, malleable to the racing terrain and contorts to meet the demands of surfaces ranging from wet and loamy, to blue and black groove conditions.

The pins themselves are comparable to popular JConcepts tires like the Reflex and Triple Dees, but, the sturdy base, radius at the carcass, helps build a new super tire. Dirt Bites are built on the proven JConcepts continuous radius tire carcass that is lightweight and has already built a winning resume on the 1:8thtruck racing scene.  The new design allows for increased hard corner drivability and the bead of the tire drops right on to industry standard 4.0” wheels such as the JConcepts #3369 available in bright white and fluorescent yellow.

On the track, Dakotah Phend recently used the Dirt Bite tire to success at The Dirt Nitro Challenge performing the lowest lap times of the event. The directional ability of the tire was used by the drivers searching for their own comfortable feel on the wet but grooved track surface. The curvature of the tire allows a racer to position the tread in a leading or following position to apply the compound to the track. The direction of choice changes how the tread lays to the surface and which edge or edges get the brunt of corning load. Test and tune, apply and remember which configuration works best for you.

The Dirt Bite tires are available in super soft (green), soft (blue), and medium soft (Aqua A2) compounds giving a variety of options to the detailed driven racer. Look for genuine JConcepts logos, lettering, packaging, and rubber compounding before any purchase. Purchase from reputable dealers and distributors and demand authentic products. The product is always backed by JConcepts customer service, supported, and developed by professionals with style and authenticity. JConcepts is, World Proven Innovation and Design – since 2003.


  • JConcepts original design and concept
  • Square, tapered pin design for longer life
  • Crisp pins, malleable feel, flexes for terrain
  • Curve arranged pins for placement and directional capability
  • Outer sidewall radial rib and hatch as sidewall feature
  • Lightweight and proven tire carcass
  • Includes Dirt-Tech closed cell inserts
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