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New JConcepts Drop Step 2.2 Rear Pre-Mounts

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Press Release From Jconcepts:

One of the best moves a racer can make is increasing tire pin size for deep or long shag turf conditions. The Drop Step tire is an ole school, step pin type tire but with large hexagon shaped base features doubled up and offset to create more edges and surfaces to bite and grip in deep conditions. Long pins extend off the hex designs and reach into the depths of racing surfaces. The drafted pin angle has a stout base and increases flexibility near the peak for delicate bite. Designed in the industry standard 2.2” bead mounting size and now available pre-mounted, the Drop Step is very versatile and has shown to work in many artificial conditions.

The semi-circle protrusions, unique to the Lockness, Nessi, and now, Drop Step are included in the sidewall area of the tire to help hold turns at high speeds. A unique feature on the Drop Step is the scalloped tire bead which removes a lot of weight from a normally beefy area. The tips of the bead touch off the inner beads on the wheel which lead to a great alignment but now with reduced rotating weight. The JConcepts tires include open cell, medium inserts for plush control. The genuine #3348 JConcepts 2.2” bead mounting wheels are used for the best performance, longest life, and positive hex engagement.

The product is always backed by JConcepts customer service, supported, and developed by professionals with style and authenticity. Look for reputable dealers and distributors and demand authentic and licensed products – choose JConcepts.


  • Pre-mounted on genuine #3348 wheels
  • JConcepts fit, finish and design
  • 3D, double-step, large-height pin-size
  • Semi-circle protrusions for side-bite
  • Incredibly low-profile carcass for rolling speed
  • Available in pink compound
  • Includes, open cell inserts
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