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New JConcepts Finnisher Magnetic Wheel Wrench and Serrated Wheel Nuts

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Press Release From JConcepts:

During a typical day at the track, a racer spends a great deal of time taking the tires on and off their vehicles. A somewhat menial task but part of routine preparation. JConcepts is making this job a little easier with the release of the Finnisher magnetic T-handle wrench. With the locking wheel nuts of today such as JConcepts #2890-1 serrated wheel nuts, the initial spin is always easy, however, once you lock, it’s important to have a T-handle to clinch against the wheel. One of the trends which features a magnet inside the wrench allows for quicker or user-friendly tire changing and maintenance.

The wrench is designed so a driver can quickly spin with the tip of the wrench in a conventional style and then move lower to the T-handle portion to lock into position. The main structure of the design is aluminum and available in either blue anodizing to provide the look and feel to the wrench. The T-handle is constructed of steel with black oxide finish attached to aluminum finger paddles for the feel and touch to adjust easier and with less pain. The wrench has etched size and JC logos for authenticity and identification.


  • JConcepts design and function
  • Inserted magnet for compatible wheel nuts
  • Aluminum / steel construction
  • Available in blue anodized color
  • Etched logos for size and identification
  • Aesthetic pit jewelry

When competitive racing hits the boiling point, everyone reaches for light-weight items which provide an advantage in and out of the pits. JConcepts has the answer with the introduction of the Fin styled light weight 17mm fine thread wheel nut set. These high precision wheel nuts are flanged and knurled for locking security and feature a closed end to protect from dirt and debris build-up in the axle or hub. In addition, the new wheel nut includes a set screw to allow a magnetic wrench such as JC #2891-1 to attract each other for quick changes and stops.

Completely CNC machined, the large flange and clamping surface area supports the wheel and helps maintain geometry during flex and load. The larger area also provides more footing for the serrated area which provides a more comfortable lock-down. Cutting weight was accomplished by reducing material sections in unneeded areas, in addition, the nut is sliced removing even more bulk and adding a “Fin” like appearance. The closed-end cap features an array of etched logos for authenticity and brand awareness.

Note: It is recommended to add a small amount of CA glue to the set screw and install from the inside of the nut. Position set screw so it touches the magnet inside the wrench and has holding power. Allow the CA on the set screw to cure in that position before use.


  • Light-weight, World Championship winning DNA
  • Precision CNC Machined
  • Large flange for additional support
  • Serrated for locking security
  • Included set screws for magnetic attraction
  • Available in Blue anodizing
  • Extremely glamorous
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