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New JConcepts Hazard 1.9" Aluminum Wheels

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Press Release From JConcepts:

There is nothing quite like a set of aluminum beadlock wheels in the scale and crawling world. The metal finish, the possible combinations of colors and assembly methods make these style wheels highly valuable. JConcepts has transformed the popular Hazard wheel into an aluminum and multi-material combination design that has a vibe like no other. In addition, included in the package are brass weights which cleverly assemble to the center beadlocker of the wheel to add lower weight.

The three-piece design consists of the aluminum machined inner and outer sections along with injection molded center beadlocker. The uniqueness of this combination allows quadrant mounted brass weights which drop in place and secure with steel hardware. The outside of the wheel provides all the detail with blasted finish, machined lip, built-in 12mm hex and threaded boss areas for assembly. The inner aluminum part balances the look and provides beefy locations for assembly with M2 x 6 screws to give the proper squeeze of components.

Included brass weights install into the center beadlocker with included setscrews to position all 4 weights around the center of the wheel. A highly detailed, black anodized aluminum center cap is also featured in the wheel set which installs after the wheel assembly is secured to the vehicle. Center caps install over traditional 4mm wheel nuts and are secured with small and included M1.6 x 5 screws. Each Hazard wheel fully equipped with all 4 brass weights tip the scales at ~113gm minus hardware.

The product is always backed by JConcepts customer service, supported, and developed by professionals with style and authenticity. JConcepts, since 2003 – World Proven Innovation and Design


  • Four wheels included per package with brass weights
  • Hazard styling, machined aluminum with blast look
  • Heavy-duty aluminum inner wheel piece for beadlock clamping security
  • Injection molded center beadlocker for versatility with built-in weight compartments
  • Four brass weights included per wheel (16 total) weigh ~17gm each
  • Metric hardware included with small Allen wrench for set screws
  • Aluminum and black anodized center caps to install after complete assembly
  • Each fully equipped wheel weighs ~113gms minus hardware
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