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Press Release from TPRO:

Together with our Racing Team partner MOTOREX we made our first TPRO Cleaning products, especially for RC Car Racing. Just test them and you will be impressed. The products are already available, have got all the safety papers, if you need them and are waiting to make cleaning of your RC Cars much easier.

TP980001 TPRO RC Power Clean 200ml Street Price € 6.60
TPRO RC Power Clean was developed in cooperation with the racing specialist MOTOREX and easily removes stubborn dirt. The surface is also degreased. TPRO RC Power Clean is also dielectric. This absolute top product should not be missing in any RC box. Filled in 200ml bottles, it can also be taken in hand luggage. 2 different spray heads included.

TP980002 TPRO RC Car Clean 500ml Street Price € 10.90
TPRO RC Car Clean is the perfect cleaner to thoroughly remove all dirt from your dirty RC Car. Simply spray the entire vehicle with TPRO RC Car Clean and clean it with compressed air. Then preserve with TPRO RC Car Protect - done.
We developed this product together with our partner MOTOREX • ​​New formulation with low pH value • More intensive cleaning effect • Strong creeping ability • Very good compatibility with rubber,
Plastic and metal • Spray bottle with a new spray head • VOC and label-free

TP980003 TPRO RC Car Protect 200ml Street Price € 8.90
TPRO RC Car Protect is ideal for preserving every RC Car in the best possible way. Developed with our partner MOTOREX, no RC Car box should be missing. The handy 200ml can can be carried in hand luggage. 2 different spray heads included.
 • Care and protection spray • Also works overhead • For preservation over longer periods of time • Can be used on painted surfaces as well as on chrome and other metals • Excellent protection against corrosion due to a thin oil film • Protects against dust and dirt.

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