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Talk-It Up Tuesday: Daniel Adams

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This week on 'Talk It Up Tuesday' we caught up with Daniel Adams from Pro-Line Racing to learn about what he has been up to, his changes at work, and life in 2020.

LiveRC: Hey Daniel, how are things for you in the family this year over in California?
Daniel Adams: It has for sure been a crazy year a lot of challenges for everyone especially living in California. Family is doing good though my daughter had a drive through graduation from High School and my son is learning online which has been a bummer. Taking it one day at a time.

LiveRC: How was the Surf City event and how has Pro-Line’s involvement shifted or grown with the event over the years?
DA: Surf City is always amazing is sells out so fast it’s insane. The crew at OCRC always host a killer event and it has been a pleasure to work with them for many years. Our goal is each year is that everyone leaves happy and gets an awesome weekend of racing for minimal cost with some swag thrown in the mix.

LiveRC: How is everything at Pro-Line Racing? Any big changes for you specifically?
DA: As most people should know by now the company has been sold to Horizon. There have been no major changes and I don’t really expect any in the near future. We have a great company with an awesome staff. We love what we do and will keep doing it to the best of our ability.

LiveRC: We haven’t seen you as much with the majority of the larger events being hosted on the East Coast this fall, are you still traveling a lot for event support on the West Coast?
DA: With most events being canceled and travel regulations unfortunately I have not been to many events this year. I have also taken on a new role in our tool room making molds and learning the inside outs of machining and programming. With that being said moving forward we will be working more with reps in the Midwest and East coast to free up some of my time. I will still go to select events especially here on the West Coast just not jet setting so much anymore. I spent 15 Years pretty much traveling around the world supporting drivers and events so a change is welcome.

LiveRC: What is your biggest personal achievement in RC?
DA: For me I never really got to race much. I was always working a shop, doing race directing at events, or helping at large events that take a ton of effort. So the biggest achievement for me is all the friends I have made all around the world while being able to travel to some pretty cool places along the way.

LiveRC: What are you most looking forward to in 2021?
DA: 2021 Man I would like things to get back to a somewhat normal and for everyone to remain safe and Healthy. Get back to racing and dining indoors lol. 2020 Has been a true Dumpster Fire.

LiveRC: How would you “fix” the sponsorship system if you could wave your magic wand?
DA: Honestly each team needs a CAP ( Maximum of Drivers Allowed ) and it needs to be an agreement throughout the industry.  We need Hobby Shops and Tracks and people to support them. Where are we going to race when everything is either shut down or the owners are just so over it. We do need sponsored reps don’t get me wrong we just need refine how its handled.

LiveRC: Is there anyone you would like to thank?
DA: First off my Wife and Kids for their constant support, plus the rest of the family from babysitting to helping keep everything intact year after year. Pro-Line and the entire family here. Horizon Hobby. OCRC Robert, Nick, Jake, Daniel, Williby, and Richard are truly amazing guys and I look forward to hanging with them each season. Darkside Paint Kris Norlock, HobbyWing Ron Schuur, Team Associated Brent and Richard, Tanner Denney for letting me stay at his crib over and over again. All the customers and friends that have offered support over the years, you are the reason for some grey hairs and a ton of great memories. See you all sooner or later. DA OUT!

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