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Talk It Up Tuesday: The Dirt 40+ Rule

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A new rule was implemented before this week's Silver State Nitro Challenge regarding pro's running the 40+ class, we caught up with Adam Drake to see what he thinks on this week's #TalkItUpTuesday

New The Dirt Racing class rule: If you are a PRO driver you will not be allowed to run in 2 classes with the same car. You have to pick between 40+ or Pro but not both. A pro driver is any driver who has 100% car manufacturer sponsorship or gets paid by car manufacturer to race said car.

LiveRC: What are your initial thoughts regarding the new rule added to Dirt events, while not made solely for you, it does apply to you most notably of anyone?
Adam Drake: I agree with rules when they are made in the best interest of all the competitors. I understand changing the rule for all classes would reduce the total entries and money for the event, but that would be what’s fair and in the best interest of all the competitors. If needed, have everyone choose one class/category to race and increase the entry fees. Choose Pro, Intermediate, Sportsman, or 40+. This would also allow everyone to get additional track time if we had less overall entries. We could go back to having more than one lap of warm, 7-10 minute qualifiers, and longer mains at the big events.

Some say the rule should only be changed for the pro class because we are racing for a paycheck and bonuses, but what about the guys who are paying for their products? In my opinion their racing is just as important if not more important as they are the ones that are supporting the manufactures that allow us to race professionally.

LRC: Will this affect your results in the pro class at all do you feel?
AD: The additional track time is nice, but it’s also additional wear and tear on the equipment.  I’ve raced more events without the 40+ class than I have with the additional track time in 40+.  I don’t see it making much of a difference. It’s similar to guys that bump out of the B main.  The track time doesn’t hurt, but you usually get in where you fit in. 

LRC: Do you plan on pushing against the wording of the rule and bringing 2 separate nitro buggies to run?
AD:Joey and I have been great friends for many many years and we talked about this after he announced the rule change.  The wording of the rule created some confusion, but after talking with Joey, you’re not allowed to race the pro class and the 40+ class even with two vehicles.

LRC: Will someone named Shadam Shrake be signed up for 40+ this week with a similar looking paint job?
AD: No, but you may see me in all the 40+ classes. Haha. That may stir up some stuff and we could see a new set of rules at future events.  Obviously I want to race the best and work super hard, but what makes the most sense for the companies that support me?  There’s a lot of exposure from for winning any of the classes.  All joking aside, I’ll be racing all three Pro classes at Silver State.

LRC: What are your thoughts on the 40+ class as a whole or having age classes period weather it be for kids or elders?
AD: The 40+ class has been a blast!  Racing with all the old school guys is fun. It’s also cool for the guys that haven’t had a chance to race against Saxton, Degani, or myself. The 40+ class gives anyone over 40 years old a chance to be on the stand / track with us and battle it out. If it was me, there would only be one class at the major events.  Less total entries and more track time to see who’s the best.  

Thanks for reaching out about the rule change.  This industry is awesome and I’m honored to be making the pro mains into my 40’s.  See you at the races!  

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Tyler Hooks is a recent college graduate with a BBA in management and a Minor in Communications from St. Edwards University as well as a ROAR Stock National Champion and was apart of the IFMAR World Championship USA team in 2016. Tyler is currently an Editor as well as in the Advertising department at Live Race Media and frequently is apart of the broadcast team at major events.

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