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Team Xray 2022 Dutch Nationals Round 1 Results

Race Results



Press Release From Team Xray:

Race report Bart Wubben

XRAY X4 and T4F win at Dutch Nationals Round 1.

The first round of 6 Dutch Nationals was held at Model Racing Midland in Lelystad. Many drivers decided to already go on Kingsday and/ or the Saturday before the race to get a feeling for this technical medium grip track. Most Xray drivers found a great setup for their liking on Saturday or Sunday morning. Drivers in the team shared a lot of information about the setup with other Xray drivers to get everyone up and running as soon as possible.

In Touring Modified it was clear that getting the power under control was key for a good run. In other classes, especially touring Stock it was key to keep the tires alive for the entire day. In FWD it was keeping the balance between high power steering and corner speed.

In Modified it was Rick who drove cleanest and had his X4 dialed in. With 2 TQ runs and the win in the first 2 finals he decided to sit out the last final, since he already won.

Modified results:

  1. Rick van den Akker XRAY X4
  2. Robert Krens
  3. Max Hordijk
  4. Sidney Blokker
  5. Yuri Braham             XRAY X4
  6. Richard van Leeuwen
  7. Peter Ende
  8. Eddie Romouts                    XRAY X4
  9. Dyon Meinema
  10. Michael vd Berg                   XRAY X4

In Stock it was Roel Jongenelis who really put some pressure on Rob and clearly showed his speed, this will be interesting in the upcoming races.

Stock results:

  1. Rob Janssen
  2. Roel Jongenelis                   XRAY X4
  3. Ronald Arts
  4. Patrick de Wit
  5. Arrien Maring                       XRAY X4
  6. Ron van Bergen
  7. Britt Rombouts                    XRAY T4
  8. Remco Mutsaerts    XRAY T4
  9. Jos Remmerde                     XRAY T4
  10. Verena Verwer                     XRAY X4

In FWD it was Patrick with his XRAY FWD who kept his head cool and managed to bring the win home for XRAY.

FWD results:

  1. Patrick Jongenelis   XRAY T4F
  2. Robert van der Wolf
  3. Jitse Miedema
  4. Dave Lunenburg
  5. Jan van Goor
  6. Winston Sanjo                     XRAY T4F
  7. Andre van der Steen
  8. Lincoln de Simone
  9. Efrem Kiel
  10. Kevin van Leent
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