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Team Xray Full Throttle Champs Race Report

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Press Release From Team Xray:

Report by Drew Ellis

The Full Throttle Champs race was held January 22nd-24th and was hosted by the RCCA track in Fort Worth Texas. Track is run by team driver Chris Adams. Race saw 70 plus racers with over 120 entries. Format was 4 rounds of qualifying followed by single mains. Carpet is the grey style from the UK so it is unique in that it's the only track in the US that runs on this. Layout was fun and fast. Traction came up well. The Hudy tire was the handout for touring cars and worked really well on this style carpet.

Friday was open and controlled practice. Team XRAY's Chris Adam's was setting pace in mod, Drew Ellis was showing pace in mod and stock tc and Johnee Fenimore was getting around well in 1/12 stock.

Saturday was 3 rounds. We saw Drew Ellis set tq in stock tc, Chris Adams in Mod tc, Johnee Fenimore is stock 1/12 and Marc McGurren in USGT.

Sunday was the last chance to qualify and single mains.

Chris Adams was able to hold on to TQ in Mod TC, Johnee Fenimore in 1/12 stock and Marc Mguren in USGT.

In the modified tc main Chris Adam's was able to go tone to tone as Marc McGurren in USGT.

Congrats to the winners. Thanks to the RCCA crew for putting on a great event.

Modified TC results:

  1. Chris Adams (TQ) - XRAY T4'21
  2. Lex Tyler Awesomatix
  3. Drew Ellis - XRAY T4'21

USGT results:

  1. Marc McGurren (TQ) XRAY T4'21
  2. Aiden Ferrell AE
  3. Robert Chapman XRAY T4 T4'21
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