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Team Xray Grabs Wins at The Mile High Indoor Championship

Race Results



Press Release From Team Xray:

The Mile High Indoor Champs was held April 16th-18th and was hosted by 5280 raceway in Denver, Colorado. Team XRAY came out in full support of the race as this race last year was cancelled due to covid. The race saw a good turnout of around 80 racers from all over the country. The layout was fun and challenging which made for some intensive pace on the track. 

In practice the team was working hard to get everyone up to pace. Track started coming in really well on Friday and lap times started coming down as setups were getting fine-tuned. Friday even would start the first qualifier followed by two on Saturday and one on Sunday, with single mains to end the event.

After qualifying was done team Xray saw some great results for going into the mains. Robbie Dodge taking the overall TQ in superstock touring car Drew Ellis going second on the grid. Mod TC had Drew Ellis starting second with Max Kuenning starting third. Mod 1/12 had Max Kuenning starting second. Superstock 1/12 had John Dickson with his X12' 21 taking the overall TQ and Max Kuenning starting third. Stock 1/12 had John Dickson taking the overall TQ with Chris Lockhart starting third. Ben Wilcox taking the TQ in F1 25.5 with Chrs Lockhart starting second and Chris Wilcox starting third.

Once the mains were done Xray had some great results with Robbie Dodge taking win in superstock TC, Max Kuenning taking the win in mod TC, John Dickson taking the win both 1/12 stock and superstock 1/12, Chris Lockhart taking the win in F1 25.5

Modified TC results:

  1. Max Kuenning - XRAY T4'21
  2. Lex Tyler – Awesomatix
  3. Sean Guthrie - Awesomatix
  4. Robbie Dodge - XRAY T4'21
  5. Johnee Fenimore - XRAY T4'21
  6. Andrew Doherty - XRAY T4'21
  7. Drew Ellis - XRAY T4'21

Superstock 17.5 TC

  1. Robbie Dodge - XRAY T4'21
  2. Drew Ellis -  XRAY T4'21
  3. Brad Johnson - Awesomatix
    6. Daniel Crowder - XRAY T4'21
    7. Jesse Castro - XRAY T4'21

Stock 17.5 1/12

  1. John Dickson - XRAY X12'21
  2. Kevin Van Ert - Awesomatix
  3. Justin Hengelfelt - XRAY X12'21
  4. Chris Lockhart - XRAY X12'21
    7 Cody Burke - XRAY X12'21
    8 Charlie Menard - XRAY X12'21

Superstock 13.5 1/12

  1. John Dickson - XRAY X12'21
  2. Max Kuenning - XRAY X12'21
  3. Cody Burke - XRAY X12'21
    6. Justin Hengelfelt - XRAY X12'21
    7. Chay Blount - XRAY X12'21
    8. Jason Lutz - XRAY X12'21
    9. Charlie Menard XRAY X12'21

F1 25.5

  1. Chris Lockhart -XRAY X1
  2. Jack Kloeber – XRAY X1
  3. Mario Ficco - CRC
    5. Ben Wilcox - XRAY X1
    6. Joey Krysinski - XRAYX1
    9. Chris Wilcox - XRAY X1

Mod 1/12

  1. Kemp Anderson - Awesomatix
  2. Max Kuenning - XRAY X12'21
  3. Sean Guthrie - Awesomatix

Congrats to all the winners. Thanks to the whole 5280 crew for hosting a great race Thanks to all the Xray drivers for coming out and supporting the event.

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