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By Mike Garrison

Press release from Tekno RC:

Time for everyone from Tekno RC to take the time to say thank you and explain why you don't ever see a sale on the site.

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'Tis the season for sales and specials. We often get messages asking about specials or lowered prices on our products during the holiday season. The simple answer is that we don't have sales or offer discounts on products except for the occasional discontinued item. Some of our retailers may offer our products at a discounted price, but it's highly unlikely that you'll see a sale or special promotion on our website.

Why? Well, we have spent a lot of time developing strong relationships with our network of dealers and we avoid being in direct competition with them at all costs.  If we were to offer deep discounts and 'special deals', we would basically be stealing sales from our hardworking retailers and shops, and that is something we will never do.

To further support dealers and race tracks, and contrary to the current era of direct sales and driver sponsorships, we have made it a point to reduce the size of our race team over the years. We'd like to think that our products speak for themselves and the smaller team we have in place are people that we are truly proud to have representing our products.

So on this Black Friday and Cyber Monday we ask that you support your local shops and tracks to see what they can do for you! If they have questions, have them go to and we will direct them to one of our distributors or help them set up a direct dealer account.

Happy Thanksgiving and we'll see you at the track!!

Tekno RC

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