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Turner Doubles at The 2019 Harvest Festival

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Main Photo: Turner Doubles at The 2019 Harvest Festival

By Tyler Hooks

Press Release from XRAY:


Race Report by Kyle Turner

This past weekend I was at the Annual Harvest Festival and ended up doing pretty well. Going into qualifying my ebuggy was good for the majority of the time making some small changes throughout but my nitro buggy needed some work. The setup on my nitro buggy was actually fine but there was a lot of problems that I didn't realize were there until they kept getting fixed one by one. In ebuggy I managed to TQ the first and third round of qualifying to take the overall TQ having some good battling with and after some rough nitro buggy qualifying I was able to get 3rd overall after getting a decent run in.

In the expert nitro buggy main there was some close battling in the first couple laps for the top spot between me, Gonzalo Cortes and Cj Jelin. After me and Cj managed to get around Gonzalo, me and him had a really close battle going for about 10 minutes until he had some mechanical problem. Throughout the 45 minute main I had a pretty consistent run, obviously with a good amount of mistakes but still drove pretty well for the 45 minutes and ended up taking the win in the end.

1/8 IC Buggy Results
1. Kyle Turner – XRAY XB8
2. Conzalo Cortez 
3. Steve Noack 

For the ebuggy main event, me and Cj Jelin were battling back and forth for the majority of the race, both of us having minimal mistakes I would win by about a couple seconds in the end. 

1/8 E Buggy Results
1. Kyle Turner – XRAY XB8E
2. Cj Jelin 
3. Bryce Beaver 

Thanks to all my sponsors who continue to support me throughout these times, always much appreciated what you guys do to help me out.


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Tyler Hooks is a recent college graduate with a BBA in management and a Minor in Communications from St. Edwards University as well as a ROAR Stock National Champion and was apart of the IFMAR World Championship USA team in 2016. Tyler is currently an Editor as well as in the Advertising department at Live Race Media and frequently is apart of the broadcast team at major events.

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