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Yeung Family Sweeps the M.K. Power Off-Road Championship

Race Results


Main Photo: Yeung Family Sweeps the M.K. Power Off-Road Championship

By Tyler Hooks

This is the 6th round of race of 2018 M.K.Power off-road championship series at XMG off-road track. Racers from Korea, mainland China, Taiwan, Macau as well as Hong Kong racers participated in this race. The series with total 6 rounds of race for nitro Buggy class, the best 5 out of 6 rounds are counted for the overall champion of the 2018 series. For nitro Truggy class, best 3 out of 4 rounds are be counted.

Tekno driver Jonathan Yeung and his dad Carson from Hong Kong driving TEKNO NB48.4 (Jonathan) and TEKNO NT48.3 (Carson) to compete in Nitro Buggy class and Nitro Truggy class respectively. One of the highlight for Jonathan is his debut race of AKA P-ONE tire in nitro buggy race.

In qualify rounds, Jonathan and Carson set the fastest results of the day and both TQ in nitro Buggy and Truggy classes respectively. Jonathan and Carson also making new best round records in qualify round for both classes.

In nitro Buggy class A-Main final, Jonathan started at 1st place and a slight touch between 1st and 2nd cars during the jump in first lap dropped him to last place. At this moment the leading place was by a Korea driver (Duan). After 5 min race, Jonathan fight back to 2nd place while the leading position was swapped several times between Jason and Zhan. After about 20 min race, Jonathan took back the leading position and keep extending the lead from that time. He keep pushing the speed to gain more margin and after 45min race, he finished in 1st place with 90 laps, Zhan Wei at 2nd place with 88 laps and TQ Keung at 3rd place also with 88 laps.

In nitro Truggy class A-Main final, Carson started at 1st place and keep the leading position from start to finish of 30min race. After 30min race, Carson finished at 1st place with 60 laps, TQ Keung at 2nd place with 57 laps, Bobo at 3rd place with 54 laps.

Results in details:
1/8 Nitro Buggy class round 6
A1 + TQ : Jonathan Yeung
A2 : Zhan Wei
A3 : TQ Keung

1/8 Nitro Truggy class round 4
A1 + TQ : Carson yeung
A2 : TQ Keung
A3 : Bobo

1/8 Nitro Buggy class 2018 M.K.Power score series ranking (Best 5 out of 6 rounds)
1st place: Jonathan Yeung – 303 points (Won all 5 rounds that counted)
2nd place: Zhan Wei – 291 points
3rd place: TQ Keung – 286 points

1/8 Nitro Truggy class 2018 M.K.Power score series ranking (Best 3 out of 4 rounds)
1st place: Carson Yeung – 182 points
2nd place: Bobo – 173 points
3rd place: Quan – 170 points

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