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2022 Southern Indoor Championships Results

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The 2022 Southern Indoor Championships are complete, find all the podiums below.

Pro Nitro Buggy Results:

  1. Ryan Maifield (TQ)
  2. Spencer Rivkin
  3. Jared Tebo
  4. Ty Tessman
  5. Cole Ogden

Pro Nitro Truggy Results:
1. Ryan Maifield (TQ)
2. Jared Tebo
3. Mason Fuller
4. Ryan Lutz
5. Joe Bornhorst

Pro E-Buggy Results:

  1. Ryan Maifield (TQ)
  2. Ty Tessman
  3. Tyler Jones
  4. Spencer Rivkin
  5. Joe Bornhorst

E-Truggy Results
1. Tyler Hooks (TQ)
2. Patrick Rossiter
3. Dalton Balboa
4. David Olsen
5. Jonah Wilson

Intermediate Nitro Buggy Results:
1. Mike Legue (TQ)
2. Darren Bisighini Jr.
3. Cameron Saxon
4. Graham Hill
5. Garrett Martin

Intermediate Nitro Truggy Results:
1. Mike Legue (TQ)
2. Coty Ingram
3. Aaron Royston
4. Darren Bisighini Jr.
5. Chris Vanair

Intermediate E-Buggy Results
1. Benny D (TQ)
2. Coty Ingram
3. Mike Legue
4. Chris Rakus
5. William Ables

40+ Nitro Buggy Results:
1. Aaron Royston (TQ)
2. Donald Elliott
3. Bryce Beaver
4. Ever Lobos
5. Rusty Mihelich

40+ E-Buggy Results
1. Aaron Royston
2. Carlos Segui (TQ)
3. Brian Looper
4. Rusty Mihelich
5. Vic Aliprando

Sportsman Nitro Buggy Results:
1. Brian Carey
2. Jacob Lasko
3. Lance Flowers
4. Collin Beaver (TQ)
5. Mitch Arnold

Sportsman Nitro Truggy Results:
1. Tony Pattishall
2. Lance Flowers
3. Dennis Wilson (TQ)
4. Brian Carey
5. Collin Beaver

Sportsman E-Buggy Results
1. Clayton Stephenson
2. Evan Santa Maria (TQ)
3. Grant Speer
4. Weston Wilson
5. Sean Salter

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