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New RC Speed Secrets Cheater tapered shock pistons for 12mm TLR and AE shocks

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Main Photo: New RC Speed Secrets Cheater tapered shock pistons for 12mm TLR and AE shocks

By Mike Garrison

New from RC Speed Secrets:

NEW RCSS TLR and Team Associated 3 x 1.4 +1.0 "  and Next Level" Cheater 12mm Shock "Tapered Piston" Sets

Take your ride to the "Next Level" with these performance based shock pistons!  These pistons have been winning big races secretly all over the world for months and are now known in the racing world as "cheater pistons", because of the exceptional performance and handling they deliver when racing.  FEEL THE DIFFERENCE!!! Stop the pain of trying of drilling pistons yourself, we have created precise performance level CNC'd pistons ready to be mounted right up for you!

Advantage of Taper Pistons: The Taper Piston Shape allows for faster action than a standard flat piston. So this piston is a "tweener tuning option" between the feel of the FLAT 1.5 and 1.4 Cheater Pistons.

*Experiment with Taper up or Taper down for different feel depending on track conditions and layout.* Taper up is most common.


  • Made of top-quality materials to ensure durability 
  • CNC Machined shock piston for perfect fit
  • 4 hole "COMPETITION Taper Hole" design (3) larger 1.4mm holes and (1) smaller 1.0mm hole)
  • 3mm shock shaft hole (TLR), V2 shock shaft hole (AE)


  • Qty (4) Next Level 3x1.4x1.0 Cheat Shock Pistons 

(RCSSTLR31510CP) TLR Compatibility:

  • 12mm Size Shocks
  • Losi 22
  • Losi 22 2.0
  • Losi 22 3.0
  • Losi 22 3.0 SPEC-Racer
  • Losi 22SCT
  • Losi 22SCT 3.0
  • Losi 22T
  • Losi 22T 2.0
  • Losi TEN-SCTE
  • Losi TEN-SCTE 2.0  

(RCSSAE31510CP) AE Compatibility:

  • 12mm Size Shocks
  • Team Associated RC10 B4
  • Team Associated RC10 B4.1
  • Team Associated RC10 B4.2
  • Team Associated RC10 B44
  • Team Associated RC10 B44.1
  • Team Associated RC10 B44.2
  • Team Associated RC10 B44.3
  • Team Associated RC10 B5
  • Team Associated RC10 B5M
  • Team Associated RC10 B5M Factory Lite
  • Team Associated RC10 B6
  • Team Associated RC10 B6D
  • Team Associated RC10 B64
  • Team Associated RC10 B64D
  • Team Associated RC10 T4
  • Team Associated RC10 T4.1
  • Team Associated RC10 T4.2
  • Team Associated RC10 T5M
  • Team Associated SC10
  • Team Associated SC10.2
  • Team Associated SC10GT


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